Working the Program (Chapter 14)

Mitsuri turned the page of the report on her desk, wondering once again how the field agents in this office could get the advantage over Bone Daddy’s organization. Decentralized as it was, the HAC had never been able to bring down more than a couple of cells at a time, often having to satisfy themselves with capturing foot soldiers and perhaps a lieutenant or two. The primary trouble, insofar as she could tell, lay in the fact that there was no solid means of taking down the entire group as a collective. Whenever a new Bone Daddy was established, they would select their heir to the title and ensure that he remained at arm’s length from all ongoing operations. This heir would be privy to all of the information the current holder of the title received, that they might fluidly step in and assume the mantle in the event something should happen to the present Bone Daddy.

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